〒 Lorann oils(ローランオイル)スパークリングワイン フレーバー<販売終了SALE>賞味期限2024.7 [LO0550]

販売価格: 100(税別)

(税込: 108)

希望小売価格: 300


〒 Lorann oils(ローランオイル)スパークリングワイン フレーバー<販売終了SALE>賞味期限2024.7 [LO0550]


米国 Lorann oils社の、食品に香りづけできる香料=フレーバー「スパークリングワイン(シャンパン)」です。







フレーバーは開封後、長く放置してしまうと香りが変わったり飛んでしまうことがあるので、少量サイズ「1 DRAM =約1小さじ1」の小瓶が好都合です!



Sparkling Wine (formerly Champagne) Flavor 1 dram

What flavor encapsulates special occasions more than Sparkling Wine? Use in cake pops, chocolates, truffles and more for a dessert worthy of your celebrations.

1 dram = about 1 teaspoon : Appropriate for use in chocolates and coatings (typical use is ¼ to ½ teaspoon per pound) 

This flavor is considered “insoluble in water”

Flavors designated as “insoluble in water” work well in flavoring chocolates or other applications where the presence of water or moisture can create issues.   They also blend well into massage oils, balms and other personal care products.  Pure essential oils are all insoluble in water.  Flavors that are insoluble in water are not always ideal for flavoring meringue or royal icing as these can be effected by the addition of an oil.

Please note that the designation of “insoluble in water” is an oversimplification.  In reality flavors have different degrees of solubility and that they may in fact work in a variety of applications.   Many applications can support the use of either oil or water-soluble flavors (baking and hard candy making are two good examples) and some of LorAnn’s water-soluble flavors might even be suitable in an oil system (until too much of the flavor is added).   An example would be some of LorAnn’s Super-Strength, water-soluble, flavors.  Many of these can be used in chocolates and other oil-based applications since very little of the flavor is required and the solvent systems do not promote undesired effects. 

Suggestion to increase the solubility of the flavor if you are having difficulty would be to:

  • Decrease the level of flavor being used.
  • Increase your mixing time or level of mixing if possible.
  • Slightly increase the temperature of the application matrix when mixing in the flavor.
  • Consider adding an emulsifier, such as lecithin, xanthan gum, or gum arabic.


内容量 1dram(3.7ml)
原材料 プロピレングリコール、香料、トリアセチン
製造 米国製